Boredom Buster – Toy Rotation

If your kiddo is showing signs of boredom with all their toys, then consider toy rotation! Toy rotation involves de-cluttering your home’s play area and by sorting toys into similar piles and putting similar toys away for a week or up to a month at a time before bringing them out again. This can work forContinue reading “Boredom Buster – Toy Rotation”

Release Valves & Daily Rhythms for Families during COVID-19

Hi there! How are you holding up? Remember back in March when we were told to stay home? Parents rushed to find ways and resources to keep their kids’ education and behavior “inline”? One popular graphic was a color-coded daily routine example for people to follow. Then the two weeks we were told to hunkerContinue reading “Release Valves & Daily Rhythms for Families during COVID-19”

Parenting, Crying and Connection

“ We will practice courage in our family by showing up, letting ourselves be seen and honoring vulnerability.” -Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto, Brené Brown May was a tough month for me- I kept thinking how I wanted to write and post about it. Then May turned into June, then July and here I find myself almostContinue reading “Parenting, Crying and Connection”