The 411 on working with a  Reiki Energy Practitioner…

I want to try and break down some barriers that might get in the way of you working with a Reiki practitioner . I could wax poetic about the benefits, the help and support of having a Reiki session.  I could share how Reiki helped me when I started having sessions with 2 wonderful healers( one of whom became my teacher) during a difficult and stressful time in my life.  I will save that for another time! For now,  let me give you the inside scoop…

  • You can receive Reiki from a professional or a friend. What you want to make sure is that you have a good comfort level with that person. That is why many Reiki practitioners like to have a phone consultation prior to the first session. Sometimes the consultation can happen in person as well.
  • A Reiki Master is  Reiki energy worker who has completed their training and received their attunements from their Reiki Master teacher. The attunements are integral to advancing thru the 3 levels of training ( Usui System of Reiki)
  • Sometimes you will have to complete forms such as a consent form that state you are giving permission to the Reiki energy worker to provide Reiki to you during your sessions. You may also go over confidentiality norms as to anything discussed or shared during your sessions.
  • Reiki usually happens while you are laying down on a massage table but can also happen with the person sitting in a chair. You should inform the Reiki provider if you have certain health or physical restrictions and pillows, bolsters and blankets can be used to ensure you are comfortable.
  • Essential oils, candles, burning sage and incense can be used in Reiki. If you do not enjoy these, have allergies  or have a preference – this can/ should be discussed prior to the start of your session. The same goes for music of any kind.
  • You are fully clothed during a Reiki session. Shoes are off , socks are optional. The Reiki practitioner will hold or place their hands above or directly on your body in a series of positions. The positions can be held for varying amounts of time, generally not longer than 10 minutes in one particular area. But, depending on the need of the client, this can vary. Reiki sessions can last 45 to 90 minutes.
  • Most people experience a state of relaxation during a Reiki session. Some fall asleep completely. Others report feeling nothing during a Reiki session. Know that Reiki benefits are not just during your time on the table. Those same people that report not feeling anything during the session will later notice that they slept soundly for the first time or were very calm in a situation that had previously caused much anxiety.
  • We can’t see wind but we can feel it and accept it has great power; like moving a sailboat along the water. We can’t see fragrances but we feel relaxed by the aroma of lavender.  We may not see the presence of Reiki, but we can feel it and be confident that it comes from a place of love and kindness which can only be helpful.

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