Parent Education


Children don’t come with instruction manuals, I’ve been there. ¬†These are my kids from 15 years ago, time flies! Parent education is vital for parents at all life stages, from newborns to teens and beyond.

two kids

Looking for information can be overwhelming. Are you experiencing any of the following issues as a parent?

  • Meal time battles?
  • Child tantrums about: Getting dressed, a toy, the book to read at bed time, the supermarket cart being the wrong color?
  • Confusion over which “sleep training” works for the child and the parents?
  • One child is “in charge” of the family?
  • Feeling guilty about setting limits?

Need some concrete ideas? A sounding board? A “sifter” of information?

Read more about my approach to parent education here.

We can talk about conflicting information, concerns, and related topics to find solutions together.

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