Family Resources


We can talk about your needs as an individual, as a parent, and as a family, to find solutions together.

There are many specialists out there: occupational therapists, speech therapists,  personal trainers, Reiki practitioners, waxing technicians, and mental health providers, as well as community programs and resources. There are also chocolate-truffle makers, house cleaners, and organizers we can find to further support you Рhowever that support takes shape!

Start your research with some of the parent and family resources below:

Family support

Attachment Theory  (Psychologist World)

Mindfulness (Pocket Mindfulness)

Cross-Cultural Perspectives

Parent Education

Psychosocial Approach

Psychoeducational Approach

Child Anxiety

How Gratitude Changes the Brain

Parenting Q&A Resources

Mariana’s Parent Education Blog Posts


Volunteer Reiki Program (Brigham and Women’s)

Usui Reiki System (Reiki Association)

Still looking for more family resources?

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