Tips for Mealtime Battles & Feeding Concerns

What are mealtime battles?

It’s lunch time, your kid is deep in play. When you tell them that it’s time to come eat, you get the response, “I don’t want to eat!” And from there it feels like an uphill battle to give your kid the nutrients they need! From demanding special meals, engaging in arguments, or just refusing to eat, these can all be classified as mealtime battles

Are you experiencing trouble with mealtime battles with the kids, or other feeding concerns? Below is a video with tips and steps I’ve compiled to make mealtimes a little bit easier!

2 Tips


Try to give your kids a variety of foods, from crunchy to grainy or chewy. Offering them a variety of textures and flavors is a great way to expose your kids to new foods, and help you figure out what foods your children enjoy.

Portion Size

Start with small portions, and if they eat everything on there, add more! It’s common to start out with portions that are too big

Still struggling?

It may be time to consider an appointment with a speech-language pathologist or an occupational therapist. These professionals can do wonders with minor suggestions!


Tried all of this and still looking for solutions? Let’s chat further to help identify your needs and create a plan. I can suggest professionals in the Needham, MA surrounding areas such as OTs or SLPs, and help you develop a plan to work out your mealtime battles. Contact me to today to book a 15 minute intro call to discuss how I can help support you, the supporter!

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