Reiki For Sleep

Not getting a good night’s sleep has gone from a mild occurrence to becoming a problem with a variety of associated disorders. The CDC is now considering insufficient sleep a public health issue.

The Cons of Sleep Aids

Most people’s first line of defense is still sleep aids, either prescribed or over the counter. Yet, these options may actually make things worse. There are many accounts and videos even of people who have no memory of their actions/behaviors while under the influence of sleeping pills. Some accounts are harmless and even humorous, such as text messages written completely in Emojis. Other accounts, are more serious.  People under the influence of their sleep aid, essentially asleep, have gotten behind the wheel to drive to the store. So as you can see, although some of these actions under the influence of sleeping aids can be comical, others pose a threat to both the individual and those who surround them.

Reiki for Sleep

In a Reiki session, people can reach complete relaxation. Within that state, deep sleep is facilitated. It is that deep sleep that we all need to truly feel rested when we start our days.

reiki for sleep

I would be happy to support you in improving your sleep health. Please contact me and/or in the meantime, take a look at “Self Reiki for Better Sleep”!


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